Complete the form and a Nanosonics Account Manager will be in touch right away to help you ramp up your high level disinfection efforts, with the special trophon2 loaner program.

Proper reprocessing of reusable medical devices (including ultrasound probes) helps prevent the risk of cross-contamination and infection. Studies show that improper disinfection practices can leave probes contaminated with microorganisms:

  • More than 45% of ultrasound probes used across 5 EDs and 5 ICUs had bacterial contamination.1
  • A meta analysis found a prevalence of 12.9% for frequently occurring bacteria and 1% for viruses on transvaginal & transrectal probes after low level disinfection (LLD) wipes and sprays.2
  • More than 20% of probe heads remained contaminated with bacteria after low level disinfection with wipes.3

Nanosonics is dedicated to infection prevention, for life. This is one of the ways we can support your efforts in providing the best possible patient care.


*While supplies last. Terms and conditions apply. Opt out must be communicated to Nanosonics within 60 days after start up and rental charges will apply after 3-month trail. Please speak with your local Nanosonics Account Manager for more information.
1. Keys, M., et al. Crit Care Resusc. 2015:17(1): 43-46.
2. Leroy S, et al. J Hosp Infect 2013;83(2): 99-106.
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